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DoSo® Music intends that every community should have its own local DoSo Dance Band. The Neighborhood DoSo Dance Band’s home base is at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. When asked to play in a park in the neighboring town of Hamden, we drew upon our stable of musicians who actually live in Hamden.

The music is simple enough that we could do this performance without a rehearsal nor did we even have time for a sound check. We rely on improvisation to elevate the arrangements to a professional level.

For more information visit: www.DoSoMusic.org

Coop High School in New Haven, CT is the first school to use the DoSo Double Bass, a short-scale, fretted instrument that is a conversion of a NS Cello — with Ned Steinberger’s permission. The jazz band, under the direction of Patrick Smith, is performing “Happy Go Lucky Local,” an Ellington-Strayhorn adaptation of the song “Night Train.”

The Wednesday class in the Neighborhood Music School After School Arts Academy decided to devote one class to the creation of a dance video. The teacher is David Mills. The assistant teacher playing the Loog Mini Guitar is Clifford Schloss.

In the Neighborhood Music School After School Arts Academy, the Wednesday afternoon Musical Warriors often choreograph the songs they perform. We decided to dedicate an afternoon to creating dance videos. “Inversion & Slo Mo” is one example. The teacher is David Mills, and the Assistant Teacher playing the Loog Mini Guitar is Clifford Schloss.