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We’re a resource site — an active and expanding home for information on popular music and stringed instruments.
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We’re a physical store — visit the shop in Guilford, CT to view our large collection of handcrafted instruments. We buy, sell and trade, restring and set up guitars, host concerts and more.

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Acoustic Music – AcousticMusic.Org

Acoustic Music (AcousticMusic.Org) is a group of guitar lovers & musicians that have allowed their enthusiasms for the instruments to get entirely out of control.

AcousticMusic.Org was created in 1990 as an organization to allow production and copyrighting of original music. It evolved slowly into a recording studio and CD production facility. During this time, guitars were being researched and collected. It’s a progressive form of disease: the more you learn about instruments (their origin, history and the artists that used them) the more meaningful they become. They grow to be friends and even family members. They become a part of your life. The truth is, you develop an attachment, a form of love for them. The bonding is strong. One thing leads to another and before you know it, a collection becomes a passion.

Passions are fun. They want to be shared. Guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, basses, baritones, mandolas are all magical in that they are amazing works of the Master Luthiers Art and their primary purpose is to create another form of Art: Music. There is no other art form that we’re aware of that shares this pedestal: Art for Art. Anyway, musicians are wonderful this way: they are a strange & passionate species that want to share their music and the love of the instruments.

AcousticMusic.Org has evolved as an organization of musicians and instrument lovers that want to share as much of our accumulated information and resources as possible. This website has been assembled to help others with similar interests. The resources are free. If you have something that you feel would help the cause, please let us know.

Over the years we have developed acquaintances with a number of well-known musicians and they have favored us with intimate concerts at our Guilford shop. You can check the ‘Events’ portion of the site to see if there are any upcoming concerts of interest.

We also sell instruments from a number of Luthiers and small shop builders that we know and admire. This, of course, led us to offer some of these new & used instruments for trade. Trades have turned out to be a pleasant alternative to the ‘sell and buy’ philosophy of some other major retail websites. If this is of interest to you, you can find the retail portion of the site following the Research and History portions.

As you can imagine, this naturally led to other service offerings: Appraisal services and a Database of Lost or Stolen Instruments that we maintain and circulate to Law Enforcement Agencies and Pawn Shops.

Needless to say, we are always looking for vintage instruments. If you have one that you would like to trade or sell, please let us know.

Welcome to AcousticMusic.Org. Enjoy!



“I’ve never had a bad experience at AcousticMusic.Org. Great people with tremendous knowledge and thoughtful patience. The only acoustic music store I go to.”

“Great service. Quick and easy. Very helpful. Took care of everything via phone and email because I live out of state.”

“Great seller. The guitar is wonderful, and exactly as described. Quick shipping, great communication. Buy with confidence.”
Michael (via Reverb)

“The main showroom is comfortable, and simply the best place to try out an acoustic instrument. Besides some very high end guitars, there are plenty of solid midrange instruments picked out for their tone and playability. “