Online Appraisal Service

We appraise guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins (and related instruments), ukuleles (and related instruments), tiples, guitar amplifiers and bass amplifiers.

Preliminary appraisals are available by uploading:

  • The reason for the appraisal.
  • Photos of the instrument, front and back– these are required for every submission and need to be clear and crisp, and show accurate color. Additional photos can be uploaded as needed to fully demonstrate the condition of the instrument.
  • The serial number, written and visible in a photo.
  • A description of any and all modifications, repairs and other issues not apparent from photos. These should include strap buttons, tuners, electronics and anything that was not part of the instrument when it left the luthier’s shop as new.

Upon completion, a copy of the appraisal will be emailed to you. If requested, an original appraisal can be mailed.

Online appraisals are $100 dollars per instrument.

Detailed Appraisals

For appraisals requiring the examination of 10 or more photos, or an unusual or vintage instrument, a higher fee may apply. Please contact us at 203-458-8353 or to discuss.

In-Person Appraisals

It is always better if we can examine an instrument in-person. Appraisals are available by appointment at the shop in Guilford, CT during regular business hours for a $125 fee. This appraisal can provide a higher level of accuracy than one done from photos alone.

In-Depth Appraisals

If you have a particularly valuable instrument, we can provide an in-depth appraisal. This is only possible by examining the instruments in person. By this method, we can include the authentication of components. The fee for this type of appraisal is $225. Please contact us at 203-458-8353 or to set an appointment. Depending upon the instrument, we may need to consult several experienced luthiers and, therefore, may need a bit more time.

Meet Our Appraiser, Brian Wolfe

Brian Wolfe has been playing, collecting, and dealing instruments since the mid ’60s. His second electric guitar was a 1952 Telecaster that he and his father bought at a gas station in 1967 for $75, and his first acoustic was an 1800’s 0-28 Martin found in an antique shop. From then on, he never looked back and has continuously expanded his knowledge of both electric and acoustic instruments.

Brian has worked in guitar shops in his home state of Connecticut since 1968, and managed AcousticMusic.Org for more than 20 years. During Brian’s time at AcousticMusic.Org he advised and created many custom one of a kind instruments for Gibson, Martin and various boutique guitar builders. His latest project was a limited run of guitars inspired by Nick Drake’s 000-28, built by the Martin Custom Shop and endorsed by the estate of Nick Drake.

Brian’s parents were collectors of antiques and growing up every weekend, they would take him antiquing. He believes his attention to detail and appreciation of the evolution of guitar models and design, was taught to him at a very young age by them and that life is in the details.