Gibson L-50 1933

Gibson L-50 1933, Gibson L50, Gibson archtop

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Gibson L-50 1933 – TransitionalEarly small-bodied L-50?s 1932-34The ubiquitous Gibson L-50 had a long production run for Gibson, beginning in 1932 and lasting well into the 1960?s. During 1932 through 1934 the L-50 went through some dramatic changes prior to advancing to the advanced 16? size in 1935. During this period these small bodied L-50s could be found in 3 distinct body shapes. They were built with both f-holes and round-holes and might have flat or carved backs. Making identification more difficult; they can also be found with different levels of decoration that causes one to wonder if calling these all L-50?s is appropriate. Unfortunately, Gibson catalogs of 1932 and 1934 show only one version of the model and leave us to wonder about these transitional oddballs. Its possible that some of these were built and never cataloged.By 1933 the L-50 occasionally shows up with this small bell shaped body. It measures 14 7/8? across the lower bout, 17 «? long and 3 ¬? deep. It?s the same familiar compressed body shape seen on budget Kalamazoo KG-11 flat tops during the 1930?s.The top is carved in a domed shape without recurve. Surprisingly, this L-50 has a fully carved maple back with binding. Otherwise, the silkscreened logo, and glued-down pickguard would seem to be moves toward economy. Other examples of this body style have also been seen with elevated pickguards and inlayed logos.courtesy of D Buettner

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