Levin Deluxe 1947

Levin Deluxe 1947

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Levin DeLuxe 1947, serial number 288258: built by the A.B. Herman Carlson Levin group in Goteborg, Sweden. The “DeLuxe” was the top of the line for Levin and sports b/w/b/w/b/w top binding and double bound F holes and neck/headstock. The next in the Levin line was the “Solist” with b/w/b/w top binding and single bound F holes. Even the pickguard on the DeLuxe is triple bound. This example is very close to the 1946 version of the same instrument photographed being played by Django Reinhardt. Tight grained quilted maple back and sides and Euro spruce top. The tuners are not original but are similar in shape and dimension to the open-backed originals. This example has a flat base to the fretboard and some evidence that a pickup was mounted at one time. Some examples have a scalloped end to the fretboards similar to a Gibson L-5. The lower bout is approximately 18″ and the recurve very pronounced. Serial numbers are located on the top edge of the headstocks and are often very difficult to read.

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