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Klein M-43 2001

Klein M-43 2001


Klein M-43 2001, sitka spruce and Indian rosewood, Micheal Hedges ‘compass’ 12th fret inlay.Steve Klein guitars were basically labor intensive. Even the creation of a bridge required two separate and unique carves. Individual saddles were not only 6 times the effort of a normal saddle but made it impossible to use normal under-saddle pickups. The Klein M-43 is an effort to simplify construction while maintaining the fundamental character, feel and tone of the originals. The design of the M-43 attempts to create an instrument suitable for playing-out, set-up for normal pickups, straps, and all the amenities of a gigging guitar. Klein even built an end-pin access panel making it simple to swap out pickups and easier to get to internal repairs. The bolt-on adjustable neck also creates an instrument that can easily be set-up for individual tastes.These instruments were built with the help and guidance of Steve Kauffman; whose signature is on the label with Steve Klein’s.

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