Gibson Les Paul 1952

Gibson Les Paul 1952

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Gibson Les Paul 1952This instrument, signed by Les Paul, is one of the first 300 made in 1952 – all original.The Les Paul was Ginson’s first solid body electric developed in response to the success of the Fender ‘Broadcaster’, ‘No-Caster’, ‘Telecaster’ and came in several variations: The “Les Paul” model: first was produced in 1952 had a mahogany body and neck with a gold finished maple top (gold top). There are examples of the first run of instruments with gold finish all around. The very first run of instruments did not have binding on the necks. It was refined and adjusted throughout the 1950s, and many argue that it was at its peak in 1957-58. It had had two soap bar P90 pickups from 1952, replaced in late 1957 with the newly designed ‘Patent Applied For’ (PAF) Gibson humbuckers. Cherry sunburst became the standard color replacing the gold. As other variations were developed, the original configuration became the ‘Les Paul Standard’.The single pickup junior was launched in 1954. One again this was a mahogany instrument, both body and neck, but without the carved maple tops. It was the only model not to change its pickup to a humbucker in 1957.In 1955 Gibson released the two pickup custom (the Black Beauty), which also started with single coil pickups, but evolved to a three humbucker model in 1958. In 1960 the whole Les Paul line-up was redesigned – including a new model with a double cutaway shape (todays SG model). Les Paul did not approve, and insisted thathis name be removed from the guitars. The Public, however, demanded a reissue in 1968. Les Paul agreed and the revived line sold well and have been available ever since.The Les Paul Special 55 was reissued in 1975.The Les Paul model is often associated with Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Eric Clapton (Cream), Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) and Slash (Guns and Roses) and many, many others.

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