Gibson Country Gentleman 2001

Gibson Country Gentleman

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Gibson Country GentlemanThe design of the Country Gentleman was a collaborative effort between Chet Atkins and Mike Voltz of Gibson. It was a refinement of Chet’s original ideas that began with the Gretsch 6120 (a collaboration between Atkins and Webster of Gretsch). Webster felt, however, that he was the guitar designer and Chet had some good ideas but only he (Webster) would decide what actually went into production. As a consequence, Chet felt there were too many compromises with the 6120 and brought all his refinements to Gibson for the development of the Country Gentleman. The body is thin and the lower bout extended to allow the thumb (with a projecting thumb-pick) to fall naturally between the two pickups. The tuners have integral flip-out crank handles making restringing quick and easy. The solid center block is chromite and very light without compromising sustain. The body is very resonant without creating a feed-back problem on-stage. The color and binding appointments were developed with a stage-look in-mind.The instrument is remarkably comfortable and well balanced.

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