Gibson Chet Atkins Studio Classic 1997

Gibson Chet Atkins Studio Classic 1997

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Gibson Chet Atkins Studio ClassicThese instruments had a fairly short run with Gibson and were developed by Mike Voltz for Chet Atkins from a series of prototypes by Kirk Sand. They have a classically braced top on a fully hollow body carved from a solid piece of mahogany. The necks came in 2 widths: Classical standard of 2″ and also in 1 3/4″. The guitars are remarkably resonant and have distinct acoustic properties. They are intended for amplified performance – no soundhole allows a high resistance to feedback.The photograph at the end is a Kirk Sand prototype sitting on the chair in the entrance of Chet Atkins’ house in Nashville.See also: the Kirk Sand Studio Classic in this same section of the website.

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