Epiphone Texan 1966

Epiphone Texan 1966

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Epiphone Texan 1966The Epiphone Texan is essentially a Gibson Southern Jumbo with special appointments. These include a unique Epiphone headstock shape and logo, fretboard inlays and signature pickguards.The instruments were built in the Gibson Kalamazoo Michigan factory.The Epiphone Company and name were acquired by Gibson in 1956. It allowed Gibson to expand it’s dealer base by continuing to offer instruments with the Epiphone name. (Protected territories for Gibson retailers already covered the country. Now new Gibson dealers could be brought on-board as Epiphone dealers).In general, the Epiphone name was applied to lesser Gibson instruments with one notable exception: The Texan. For a short time the Epiphone Texan was the most ornate and expensive slope shoulder dreadnaught in the Gibson line-up.The inset photograph of the Epi Texan with its left-hand setup is the instrument that belongs to Paul McCartney with his “Wings” decal and the last photograph is Sir Paul in concert with his Epi Texan.

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