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Robert Johnson 1935

Robert Johnson


The Guitar Lesson 1640

The Guitar Lesson



An advertisment from 1907.


Elvis Presley signs autographs in Minneapolis.

Lead Belly circa 1942.

Lead Belly circa 1942.

A guitar from 1759.

A print from 1830.

A guitar player’s book from 1870.

A guitar from the 1820s.

A popular music sheet from 1895.


A Renoir painting of a woman playing guitar from 1897.


Robert Johnson in 1935.

The Rolling Stones in 2015.

Willie Nelson’s guitar Trigger, photographed in 2007.

Built to Spill in 2007.

Sonic Youth in 2005.

The Grateful Dead in 1993.

The Cure in 1993.

The Live Aid concert, 1985.

Led Zeppelin in 1977.

C.F. Martin.

The Rolling Stones in 1976.

The Ramones in 1976.

Peter Frampton’s 1976 landmark album.

Neil Young in 1976.

The Band’s Last Waltz concert was held on Thanksgiving, 1975.

Joni Mitchell performs in 1974.

Led Zeppelin in Hamburg, Germany, 1973.

Johnny Cash meets with President Nixon in 1972.

The Grateful Dead in 1970.

The Band in 1969.

Swami Satchidananda conducts the opening ceremony at the Woodstock Festival, 1969.

The Beatles pose while filming the Magical Mystery Tour in 1967.

The Rolling Stones arrive in Oslo, Norway in June 1965.

A trade ad for the 1965 Rolling Stones’ North American tour.

The Warlocks, soon to be renamed the Grateful Dead, pose for a publicity photo.

The Beatles arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1964.

Davy Graham’s 1963 LP.

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan at the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” August 28, 1963.

Chuck Berry in 1958.

Elvis’ debut album from 1956.

Bill Haley and His Comets in 1956.

Howard McGhee, Brick Fleagle, and Miles Davis, New York, N.Y., ca. Sept. 1947.

Billie Holiday and her dog Mister in New York, N.Y., 1947.

Django Reinhardt in New York, N.Y., 1946.

Woody Guthrie in 1943.

This 1933 Vivi-tone electric guitar, designed by Lloyd Loar, was one of the earliest electric guitar models.

Italian opera singer Luca Botta with a guitar in 1900.

Renoir depicts a woman playing guitar, 1897.

Sheet music by John Philip Sousa, 1895.

A guitar player’s instructional book from 1873.

This print from 1830 shows a woman playing guitar as a man flirts with her.

A guitar from the 1820s.

Ludwig van Beethoven.

A guitar from 1759.

A guitar from 1630.

A 5 course baroque guitar and player, by Italian artist Pietro Paolini.

A cartoonist’s depiction of a guitarist in 1592.

Elvis Presley signing autographs in Minneapolis, 1956.

Leadbelly performing at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Guitar ad from 1970.